Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Awesome First Post

Greetings Bloggers and Bloggettes!  Welcome to my humble blog space. My name is Darnell “Saki” Dickerson and I’ve just decided to stop trying to write a perfect first post and just write a “real” first post.
Seriously, I rarely get writer’s block and I know some good techniques for dealing with that beast, but for some reason I froze up trying to write this SUPER AMAZING FIRST BLOGGER POST. Not cool.
At any rate this blog is about my writing journey, the quest to turn my passion into a career. But more than that, I want this to be a source of inspiration for other writers going down the same path so we can grow together, as well as a place to learn from other people who traveled before us and pass on their trailblazing expertise to make the going much easier for us all. 
I don’t plan on making this blog too personal but I’d like to share a little about myself at least.
I’ve been writing fiction since I learned how to hold a pencil, I decided I wanted to be a writer professionally at the age of 14 and 8 years later still haven’t changed my mind. I just got more serious about it.
I’m a big nerd and it shows in my writing. Most of the stuff I write is either straight up sci-fi/fantasy or at least has strong undertones. I CAN NOT write a boring slice of life drama. I mean I could physically, but I wouldn’t. If I ever did I think the “slice” part would be taken very literally by the end of the story. I guess here is where I should mention that I have a strong fascination with dark, morbid imagery. Gore, insanity, serial killers.. I love writing about that kind of stuff. I do try to stay tasteful though. But I’d just as soon write a slasher fic as I would draft up a complex spec sci-fi story about trans-humanism.  I’m a mixed bag. 
Having said that you are probably either freaked out or intrigued. Hopefully the later. Like I said I try to stay tasteful, and I definitely don’t consider myself a “genre writer” (hate that term btw). The best writers set their stories in a certain genre but also incorporate elements from other genres as well. Life doesn’t have one flavor so fiction should reflect that.
This is running a little long so I’ll end it here by saying thanks for your time reading this. I hope to offer any inspiration I can by chronicling my foray into the writing world, I appreciate feedback, and If you want to know more about me feel free to ask.