Who is Saki? (About Me)

Who is Saki?

Saki is my Muse. My other self. My inner voice. My doppelganger. My Right Brain.

About Me:

I am a young man living out the dreams I had as a boy. Teaching me how to speak and to write were the worst things to ever happen to the people around me when I was younger because I would never shut up. I was always telling a story, describing every detail I saw in my head during car rides home or filling up every page of my Grandmom’s yellow legal pads with my mad scribbles. Luckily my family nurtured my budding love with storytelling by providing a constant supply of notebooks, pens and pencils. They probably didn’t know at the time but they had set me on a path I would follow for the rest of my life.

I began the first draft of my first novel when I was thirteen and now nearly ten years later I am nearly ready to make my debut as a novelist. I had high hopes and lofty dreams of being published by the age of sixteen but I’m sure many writers can agree, if you are consistent with your efforts, the skill you had yesterday pales to the skill you have today. I’ve written many short stories and poems, some of them winning awards and scholarships, some of them doomed to never be inked – or e-inked – out (without serious revision) and have a number of novels in various stages of writing/planning.

I’d hate to think of myself as a “genre writer”. It carries too many negative connotations, and conjures images of the dreaded bargain bin with books piled on top of one another, long forgotten and completely ignored, each one struggling to make it to the top of the stack to hopefully get noticed and be given a place on someone’s shelf.

However, I can’t ignore that I have a certain affinity to certain styles and modes of storytelling which I call The Six S’s
-Swords & Sorcery (sometimes they can be interdependent; sometimes they can be separate styles)

Those types of stories are the ones I like to read the most, they ignite my imagination and excite my curiosity the most so naturally they’re my favorite things to write about (in no particular order). However, I am a strong believer of adding dashes of other styles to spice things up. A sprinkling of Romance, a teaspoon of Mystery, a spritz or two of Humor to taste. Without these things the writing is bland – thus my aversion of the word ‘genre’.

To avoid making this sound like a journal entry I think I’d better wrap up here. I hope you were able to get a good idea of who I am and what to expect from me and you’ll see more of my personality in my writing and my blog posts if that sounds like something you’d care for.

Thanks for taking the time!

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